Big picture thinking with a new development programme for Lincolnshire Housing Partnership

7 August 2019

Pitch Development Services has recently handed over more affordable properties to Lincolnshire Housing Partnership (LHP), which means that 263 properties have been delivered to LHP since Pitch was appointed to provide development services to the organisation, which was previously known as Boston Mayflower. 

In 2015, we were engaged by LHP to deliver their new development programme. They had decided to embark on a new programme of new build housing after several years of limited development activity.

However, whilst LHP had the ambition and financial capacity, they did not have the internal resource and expertise to deliver a substantial new development programme from scratch. Therefore, they turned to Pitch to deliver all aspects of their development programme, which included identifying new schemes, undertaking financial appraisals, purchasing land and properties, bidding for government funding and providing project management from start to completion on all schemes.

Ultimately, we’ve secured 304 new affordable homes over 12 schemes with 263 properties successfully handed over already.

Ian Penn, Development and New Business Manager for Longhurst Group, comments: “It has been immensely satisfying to have worked with Mayflower/LHP to establish such a significant development programme in a relatively short period. A lot of hard work and effort has gone in from our own team at Pitch, from Project Managers, Development Officers and our Programme Team, as well as from LHP and their staff, many of whom have been involved in helping us deliver the schemes. Every new home will have made a real difference to the residents and all this demonstrates clearly what true partnership working can achieve."


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